Reflo Power Line
Reflo Power Line
Reflo Power Line
Reflo Power Line
Reflo Power Line

Reflo Power Line

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Preston Innovations Reflo Power 

Reflo Power by Preston Innovations is a great, robust line which stands up to demanding situations where strength and durability are key.

0.13mm Reflo Power

Use 0.13mm as a hooklength line when pole fishing for smaller carp or when catching big weights of F1s.

It is also the perfect mainline choice for the winter months when targeting a mix of silvers and F1s on commercials.

0.15mm Reflo Power

This is a great mainline choice for all general F1 and carp fishing through the summer months.

0.17mm Reflo Power

Use this line as a hooklength when pole fishing for big fish in the margins or when fishing at venues with a big average size of fish, where you need to make every fish count.

It is also a great hooklength line when fishing the pellet waggler for carp, or a durable mainline for catching big weights of F1s shallow.

0.19mm Reflo Power

A great choice of mainline when fishing for big carp in the margins or fishing a venue where the fish are of a big average size and you can’t afford to have your rig let you down. You can also use this line as a hooklength when fishing with a Method feeder.

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