SiWi Carbon Squat Pole Float

SiWi Carbon Squat Pole Float

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SiWi Canal Diamond Pole float

This range of floats have been designed by top match angler Simon Willsmore and are made to his specifications for local fenland drains or the canal match circuit.

Carbon Squat

The same body shape and wire stem as the standard "Canal Squat" model but with a reasonably thick painted carbon tip.

The carbon tip on these float on the thicker side as it helps the float to sit well and aids visibility but the float still retains great bite indication due to the non-buoyancy of the carbon tip. They really work well.

The name Squatt is only a reference and the float can be used with any bait. I can see it working well in the 0.75g model down the middle at March, bulked up nice and positive.

If the light conditions are good "Carbon Squat" is my first choice for roach fishing in canals and drains due to the advantages the carbon tip gives.

This model comes in sizes from 0.1g to 1g.

Orders contains floats ONLY, not weights, silicone & H-view.