Hydrolastic Elastic
Hydrolastic Elastic

Hydrolastic Elastic

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Daiwa Hydrolastic

Yellow Hydrolastic 

This is the softest elastic in the range and it is perfect for winter time F1 fishing when the water temperature is low and the fish don’t fight as hard. 

Pink Hydrolastic

This is a lovely soft elastic but it just powers up enough to land fish quickly when they turn up late on as the light starts to fade on a winters session. Like the yellow it balances perfectly with 0.10mm and 0.11m hooklengths and Guru F1 Maggot and Pellet hooks.

Orange Hydrolastic

This is a great elastic to use for F1s during the spring and autumn with baits like soft pellets. It also makes a great summer elastic for catching ide and smaller F1s shallow. Match this elastic to an 0.11mm-0.14mm Tournament hooklength and a Guru F1 Pellet or Super LWG hook.

White Hydrolastic

The ultimate F1 elastic in summer. Perfect for all styles of snake lake fishing from fishing across to shallow fishing this has accounted for some great weights of fish. I match this elastic with an 0.14mm Tournament hooklength and a Super LWG hook.

Grey Hydrolastic

Matching this elastic with an 0.13mm Reflo Power hooklength and a Super LWG hook makes a really durable and reliable set up perfect for catching big weights.

Black Hydrolastic

This is a carp elastic with legendary status. It can be used for all sorts of applications when catching match sized carp on a commercial venue from short pole fishing, shallow fishing and edge fishing. Match this elastic with an 0.15mm Reflo Power hooklength and a Super MWG hook.